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Margaret Lilian Tewfik


Margaret was born in 1952 in south London and was the second daughter of Victor and June Edmonds. The Edmonds's were from Suffolk, and Margaret along with her elder sister Jennifer, spent many happy summer holidays visiting and staying at relatives farms, and houses in the county.

A bright student and excelling at school, financial and family needs meant Margaret could not go onto further education, but instead entered the world of employment. At first she trained to become a draughtsman, but eventually went to work for a computer bureau in Croydon where she met her future husband Tef. They married in 1975 and set up their first home in Sanderstead, near Croydon.

Tef and Margaret's first child arrived in 1979, a son named Jody. Unfortunately Jody was born with several medical conditions and a fight to save his life began. Margaret never flinched from her duty as a mother to make sure he got the best treatment and care. She fought many battles, in corridors, wards, kitchens, therapy rooms, with doctors, surgeons, nurses, sisters, registrars, porters and professors. Needless to say Margaret got her way as she never took 'no' for an answer. Many tried to say no. All failed.

Jody celebrated his 30th in 2009.

During the many years of these difficulties, Margaret and Tef had two further children. Samantha was born in 1980, and Vanessa in 1985. The family moved from Sanderstead to Harpenden in Hertfordshire due to Tef's work. Setting up a new home, and being far away from her own relatives was painful for Margaret. But in time Harpenden became 'home', and as the children grew Margaret encouraged them all to succeed at school and go onto university, and she returned to work, picking up a new career in accounting.

Returning to work meant Margaret could stretch her own abilities, and she won awards for her application in her duties. A popular member of the staff, Margaret also found a role as agony aunt to many of her younger colleagues who would turn to her for advice in times of need! She was always willing to listen and help if she could.

In 2005 Margaret and Tef decided to move once more. This time to Godmanchester, and to take time out from work to refurbish their new home and travel abroad. This was one of her happiest times. She delighted in organising her new garden, and soon discovered she had very green fingers.

Unfortunately, Margaret passed away very suddenly and very unexpectedly on Sunday 23rd August 2009 aged 57.

She was the bedrock of the family.

Margaret is deeply missed by her husband, children, family, friends and colleagues.


Tef Tewfik


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